of Alhambra

NE Washington Chapter 
 of the Adrian Empire

Mistress Ada Cormack

A talented seamstress and crafty in many other ways as well.

Dame Caolainn of Ravenspoint Heights

Handy with a bow, a cooking spoon, a flute and a smile. 

Master Daston Mulloy

A wee lad with a heart of gold, and sometimes mischief at his fingers.

Sir David Davidsson Marisman of Hillsbend

A Norseman with a liking for crossbow.

Dame Cryssida Blackwood

A lovely lady combatant who makes jewelry and she sings, too!
Squire Eala The Shy/Bold

A hippie gypsy to be sure. She is an artist, sings and makes jewelry. She reads tarot and collects decks as well.

Master Garran

A Renaissance Man of many talents...and many hats...


Master Gin Cutter

A helpful gent with a keen eye for the blade.

Baroness Iris of Ivybrook

A kind and wise woman.

Sir Griffin Ulfrafn
A very talented artisan (especially in leather) and a fine combatant.  

Master Grindel Dragongard

A fine gent with loads of knowledge to share.

Brother Ian of Clan McKlaine

A gentle man with a smile in his heart.

Squire Jesikah Mulloy
A lovely herbalist, tarot reader, tea leaf reader, seamstress and cook!  
Capt. Karibus Smirnoff

Quick with a joke (and sometimes a drink).  A Jolly giant of a pirate.

Squire Kyran Collins, the War Ferret

Fierce things come in small packages. Be careful, he'll bite your ankles!

Baroneasâ Lily Douglas

Your local French gypsy who loves to sing and drum.


Maria Eriksdotter Davidsfru of Hillsbend

A lady of many fiber talents.

Lady Matilda David's Dotter de na Tri Crann Mor

A slight woman with strength of spirit and a pretty good archery eye.

Master Michael Mac Cormack

A gentle, helpful lad with dreams of swords and shields (well, maybe axes from Sir Griffin, too).

Sir Mikcos Douglas
A finer Scotsman and more honorable gent ye may never find.  

Mistress Miriam

A lady with a huge heart and handy at fixing things, too!

Mistress Niamh Cormacksdotter

A spry lass full of mischief.

Squire Owen Redwolf of Palouse

A dashing young gent with a penchant for combat.

Sir Phreadd Rupp du Berry

A Templar with no sense of humor.

Mistress Scirroca
A fiery redhead who is always ready with a smile.  
Dame Rhiannon eurch Hughes

A helpful Welsh woman, seamstress (when she has time) and loves to feed everyone.

Squire Thomas Blackwell

A poet, swordsman, philosopher and taste-tester, all rolled into one tall package.


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